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Joe Okada, known as the Last Samurai, is the eldest licensed English speaking tour guide in Japan. And he is also the best Samurai sword entertainer. He has been in the guide business for 52 years.
The Mayor nominated him as“The Distinguished Master of Kyoto Hospitality” in 2011.
He developed and built up his only-in-the-world “Samurai Nippon Show” from scratch in 1977. In 14 years, 130,000 guests attended this show, 50 television programs have aired and reported his shows, plus he has been on the USA “David Letterman Show” and the “Regis Philbin Morning Show.”Okada’s apple cutting in the air has been registered at the “Guinness World Records.” Two of his US students got on the “Guinness Book” in 2005 and 2009.

The Last Samurai, Joe Itsuo Okada,  岡田逸雄

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